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Speaking to Startups

ONE Brand at a Time!

Are you a Startup or Struggling Entrepreneur?

Do you need a Blueprint to get people to Know, Like & Trust You enough to do business with you?

No idea what a Brand is, but still realize you need to get one started?

Looking for a Professional Logo,

& the "freebies" just aren't cutting it?

Annoyed by all the confusing online tactics taught by Gurus?

Social Media stranded, stuck, or still considered as a "no name" online?

Why should you

chose the BrandMaster?

Well, I am so glad that you asked!

I've survived the 3 year business bust

I am a servant leader who designs & educates

Even with 14 years in, I am still coachable

I focus on results for us BOTH, so I am invested

I don't do refunds, I find a way to make it work

BMC Satisfied Clients...

Have a look at happy referring clientele spanning 15+ years in business service!


Logo Redesign, Course Setup & Branding

Bill & Carolyn Hayes Foundation

Non-Profit & Event Branding

Bride of Christ Robes

Logo, reBranding, Marketing & more!

Divine Destiny COD Wilson

Logo, Website & Branding

Elite Transit, LLC

Funnel, reBranding

Faith MBC of Selma

Logo, Website & Branding


Logo Design, Website & Branding

Gerald W. Parker

Personal, Business & Team Branding

MBO of NC Inc

Logo Redesign, Website & Branding

Rec to the Core

Logo Design, Funnel & Branding

The Quilting Nerd

Logo Redesign, Website & Branding

SEC of Buies Creek

Logo Design, Website & Branding

Shemeka Michelle

Logo, Funnel &

Stephanie J. Sanders

Logo, Websites & Branding

Winston Salem Sportsmen Club

Complete reBranding & Tournament Web Management

BMC Pricing

Initial, Discounted and Ongoing Consultations
& Retainer Packages

Follow Up



30 minute consultations

In most cases you're secure with your decision (after your initial FREE 15 minute consultation) with your follow up BMC Homework, to move forward with your Mini (DBY) or Micro (DWY) Brand or solo project.

However, if for any reason you've forgotten something that can't be answered via chat, email or text, grab this appointment to speak further.

Monthly BMC

DBY Brand Retainer


"Done By You"

+ongoing consults

Now that we've wrapped up the low hanging fruit appointments with getting your mindset ready for YOU as the BRAND, its now time to implement.

Enter this Monthly BMC
Done By You (DBY) Brand Structure Retainer and "Do-It-Yourself"

Enter the next level Monthly BMC
Done With You (DWY) Brand Structure

Retainer that is "Done With You".

Monthly BMC

DWY Brand Retainer


"Done With You"

ongoing consults

Much of the simplified BrandYOU Method can be taken care of in the DBY Package HOWEVER, much more of the in-depth options are covered in the partnership with

our team and "Done With You".

Our Well Oiled Wheel

Meet our Collaborative Partners

Martina Britt Yelverton

#BrandMaster, Lead Visionary Designer

& Founder

Martina Britt Yelverton an #AlwaysBeMarketingYOU #YouthLifeStyleTraining Founder & BrandMaster with a DAILY goal to Brand You, Educate You & Help You #GetYoASSetsInOrder!

I've checked and your "Businesses" are so out ❌ of ❌ order, it isn't even funny. Register for the #GetYoASSetsInOrder Masterclass releasing again soon!!!

Additionally, I #Teach Frustrated Parents to #Create a Money Making #Wealth Strategy WITH YOUR KIDS, so You #Release Guilt about Time Spent Away Providing FOR YOUR KIDS!

If you're in need of the help I've been blessed to offer, have a look around and grab exactly what you need!

I am your Go2Girl for Simplified Blueprints & Graphics YOU CAN ACTUALLY MANAGE YOURSELF to develop your ability to have people know, like and trust you enough to do business together!! I help people who want help and I CAN HELP YOU!

If you’re wanting to #GetBranded, #GetFoundOnGoogle and #GetPaidDaily, regardless of your company, niche, product or service

I CAN HELP YOU - I help people who want help! I am God's servant, and I serve on a #GallonLevel, forget the #Pint, pass me the whole gallon because I'm a #GallonGirl😜

Nicole Hackett

#Automation Queen, Collaborative Partner

Nelia has been practicing Yang - style Tai Chi for over 10 years. She trained one - on - one from 2002 to 2007 with Howard Tseng, a certified Tai Chi master in Taiwan and in California(San Francisco Bay Area). She was a teaching assistant to Howard for about a year in 2007 and 2008 before moving to San Diego.

Cortez Springer

Black Biz Success Founder, #FatherPreneur &

Collaborative Partner

Black Biz Success is a media outlet dedicated to helping black-owned businesses thrive! Entrepreneurship is extremely tough for all entrepreneurs but 8 out of 10 black-owned businesses going under in just 18 months is unacceptable.

Our aim is to bring the tools and resources to these businesses via edutainment. We'll combine information & education with entertainment and practical instructions for easy application.

We're going to leverage the most powerful resource on the planet...the Human Resource, to share solutions and best practices that will benefit all.

It's time that we turn our intellectual capital into actual capital and advance the culture.

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