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Streamyard "Live" Streaming Services

Streamyard "Live Streaming"
Program Director/Management Services

Introductory Streaming Program Management

Your 30 min consultation discussion will include:
Team Member Access, #ShowFlow Schedule, Current Client Streaming Brand,
Backstage streaming controls, Preloaded of on-screen displays, text,
pre-designed/custom designed flyer/graphics, tips, branded content, Adlib comments,
and Streaming Follow Up debrief.

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Team Update w/ Leaders Phyllis, Kirk & Martina

(What's New with our MWR 3.0 Team?!)

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Aungelita & "The Busy Mom Breakthrough Summit"

(Host, Aungelita + 10 Expert Busy Moms & a Bonus)

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Tracey Walker, "The Single-Mama Money Blueprint Summit"

(Tracey Walker + 10 Expert Money Mama's)

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Assure For Life, Independent Rep "Livestream Recording"

(Phyllis Darden, Plan Advisor)

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MWR Financial, Inc. Corporate "Leadership Livestreaming"

(CEO, Brian T. House / President, Andamo Tolson)

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Kingdom Builders, Faith & Finance Fridays
(Founder, Gerald W. Parker)

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Go Hard or Go Homeless Podcast Show
(Jeff Trills Jantuah)

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Tax Talks w/ THawk
(Terrence Hawkins, EA)

"Done With You" Solutions!

#DollarDeals Membership!

31 Dollar Deals Membership Offer

...a premiere 90% off limited time offer provided by the #BrandMaster! It is my Mission to Serve and Help Struggling Startups and Savvy Seniors to Develop a Simplified Brand without all the confusing tactics!

I Help People Who Want Help and I Can Help You!

Watch the video to see/hear the 31 pieces of downloadable action steps included in the BrandMaster Dollar Deals Membership limited time offer right now!

Not sure if you need the Membership? Have a look at the Welcome Video as well as the 3 Introductory Day videos and jump in - because we don't KNOW what we don't KNOW! #MakeAnInformedDecision

Day 1: The Power Bio

Day 2: The Brand

Day 3: The Google Test

Hire Your Kids!

Hire Your Kids in Your Legal Home Based Business

AND #GetPaidToBeAParent!


I've checked many of your LLC's and you

are OUT OF ORDER - I've got a solution for that!


Need to implement CONSISTENT DAILY action

steps to Improve Your ROI?

Why choose the #BrandMaster?

...well, I am so glad that you asked!

I bring over a decade of

Passion-Driven Expertise!

My Daily Goal is to #BrandYOU,

#EducateYOU and #HelpYOU

not only get your assets in order,

but MORE IMPORTANT, to help you

"Live A Legacy" and "LEAVE ONE"!

Elevate Your Brand and Grow Your Business!

Branding YOU

is the Foundation

Brand development is pivotal in the foundation of ANYTHING you do regarding both personal and business presence and recognition! I ensure you are well versed in the 5W's of Your Intellectual Property and how to grow your Know, Like & Trust factor so people do business with you ...AND REFER others to you!

Educating Yourself on Your Value

is the Next Level

According to the Good God Word... we are to NOT ONLY get Knowledge & Understanding, we are to additionally get Wisdom! The problem with most is they stop short of the implementation which is USE of the Wisdom!

Expert Help is Critical to

Your Development

Expert help AND ACCOUNTABILITY is the activating factor that will catapult your Wisdom-based implementation. The track-ability of your Mindset, Personal & Business Development through an expert is best for its' longevity. No need to start the journey without a plan to track it and complete it. (Habakkuk 2:2) I desire to help you Visualize, Organize and Monetize YOUR Intellectual Value for generations to come!

You Are Enough!


Chapter Title: You Are the Answer,

but NOT Until You Believe!

(75 YAE Co-Authors!)


(during Women's History Month)

Women Crushing Mediocrity!


Closing Chapter: What You Don't

Know, is Costing You _____!

(42 WCM Co-Authors!)

Ready to Finally #GetPaidToBeAParent?

Learn what our Workshops 

are Teaching the Masses About








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